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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Torchwood Magazine 9 - Cover

The cover for Torchwood Magazine issue 9 has been released by Titan Magazines. You can see the cover above, and it features Jack, Martha, Gwen and Ianto. The magazine will go on sale on 11th September at the price of £3.75. Here are a few details from the last magazine:
  • The Car's the Star - We take a look under the bonnet (and behind the disco lights) of the cool, iconic Torchwood SUV, with the help of the cast and crew.
  • Swiss family Torchwood - Behind the scenes on Radio 4's new international Torchwood adventure!
  • Making Up Is Hard To Do - Torchwood makeup designer Marie Doris on making faces for a living.
  • Everything Everything - Go right back to the beginning with our guide to Everything Changes!
  • Plus: Harms way, Rift War, Concept Art and more!
Will you be buying this issue?
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Mark said...

Great post, I can't wait for this issue. I love Torchwood magazine and the cover rocks. Fantastic site, it's really really good. Keep up the good work, I love all the pages, a lot of hard work has gone into this site :) Thanks :D

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Cool Post!

I don't collect this but it looks really cool! Can't wait until the Audio special, :D

Keep Up The Great Work
Doctor Who Mad Online