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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Torchwood - Lost Souls: Listen Again

The exclusive Torchwood audio adventure, Lost Souls, was broadcast as planned today on BBC Radio 4 as planned. The BBC released the synopsis with it, which you can see below:
Torchwood go to Geneva where Martha Jones, ex-time traveller, is now working as a doctor for a UNIT task force at the world's biggest physics laboratory, CERN. Deep in an underground tunnel, a giant particle accelerator is about to be activated for the first time. But something strange is happening. Scientists are hearing voices and collapsing with a strange illness. Is something lurking in the underground tunnel? Do the dead ever really stay dead?

If you would like to listen to it again, you can on BBC iPlayer here, but bear in mind, it will only be on there for about seven days. But if you want to download it and keep it, you can also do that on the Torchood website here. What do you think of Lost Souls?
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