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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Children in Need Mini-Episode 2008

Plans are already underway for this year's Doctor Who Children in Need Mini Special, despite Russell T. Davies telling us that there wasn't going to be one, because of the filming for the Proms special, Music of the Spheres. If the information is correct about one this year, this will be the third special since the show's revival back in 2005. The first one (2005) just after the Doctor had regenerated, and the second (2007), which was called Time Crash, where we saw the fifth Doctor run into the tenth. But this year it could be bigger, with rumours of a Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover! Children in Need this year is due to be broadcast on BBC One on 14th November. More news when we get it. What do you think of this crossover mini-episode?
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Nina said...

If the rumors of the crossover with TORCHWOOD are true...BRING IT ON! (We'll take every bit of TW we can get.)

Combom said...

they arent "rumours", read this months torchwood magazine - this WILL happen, they are working on it atm!

adv said...

I know, but Russell T. Davies did say they weren't going to do one, plus it hasn't been confimed in the 'Doctor Who World' yet, only Torchwood's!

adv said...

Oh, and plus, it IS a rumour about a DW/TW crossover, but not that they will both have some part in it.