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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

More Movie Evidence

A report in the Sun today covers more information regarding David Tennant to star in a Doctor Who movie. The BBC are trying to make Tennant stay on for the fifth series by offering him £1.5 million pounds, with the movie being thrown into the deal as well. David Tennant has been reported to have said that he would like to do a movie, and then lately Steven Moffat and Russell T. Davies are looking into is more deeply, and said that they have a growing interest on the matter. A Who source said:
“It looks like the film is going to happen in the next few years. For ages, BBC Worldwide held the rights and were planning to make a movie, but it got held up and former BBC1 boss Lorraine Heggessey decided to bring back the TV series in 2005. But everyone is keen now and the fans are clamouring."
As the days go by, David Tennant is ever closer to signing up to the fifth series. At the moment he is definitely doing all 4 specials next year, with this Christmas' Special. You can read the full article from the Sun here. Other reports lately from such sources like The Daily Telegraph, Metro, What's On TV and TeleText, amongst many others, have picked up on the story, but it is all still speculation, no matter how new this information might be! What do you think of this new evidence?
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