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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Inside The Australian Box Set...

The ABC website has now released a picture of the cover and inside of the Australian box-set including and a bit of information. The UK's interior has not yet been released in a picture, but you can see this American one below. It all looks very similar to previous English sets, featuring the cover as a slip case and the main part inside with the DVDs and guide. The cover on one side has the Supreme Dalek, with a background that will be used on the English HMV version. On the other side is a rare Series 4 promaotional picture, with the Doctor, Donna and Captain Jack Harkness. Many might say that these are better covers than the UK version, but we are still yet to find out the 'special feature' rumoured about the cover. The short guide telling you everything you need to know about the discs, has a cover with the Doctor and Donna on, with a Dalek shadow. This is the HMV cover that will be used. There are six discs, and the pictures on those are; a Heavenly Host, an Ood, Sontaran General Staal, a Vashta Nerada (Suit Creature), Davros and the Supreme Dalek. The rating is PG and the box-set costs $99.95, but that's only in Australia. Please note that this version only works on region four DVD players, not those over here. It will be released on 3rd December this year. All special features should be included.
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