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Friday, 3 October 2008

Memory Mayhem!

On the newly revamped Sarah Jane Adventures site, for the second series, there is a new game to play. The game is called Memory Mayhem, and after each episode of the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, you will be able to take a quiz about it. Each quiz is posted right after the episode is broadcast, and features Clyde, trapped in a 'creepy hospital'. He has lost some of his memories, and so needs your help to get them back. There are ten questions each time, and every bit of it is colourful and fun. You get set a time limit for each question. If you fail to answer in that time, you will have to start again. It guides you through step by step, so you know what to do. If you get all the questions right, you end up with a secret code, which lets you access an exclusive wallpaper, under protected files in the games section of the site. Below you can see this week's wallpaper, of Commander Kaagh. Click here to play the game, or click here to visit the main homepage!
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drwhomad said...

cool post

Anonymous said...

i didn't get a secret code and when does it show you the secret code?

adv said...

You get to the end video, and just after that, there is a strip at the bottom in black saying it. If you want to know, this week's code is telescope.

Anonymous said...

I tried to play week 11's game and it doesn't work :/