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Friday, 3 October 2008

18" Red Supreme r/c Dalek at Tesco!

Tesco are now selling the Red Supreme Dalek radio-controlled toy, as an exclusive 18 inch figure! The Supreme Dalek appeared in the Series Four finale, in June/July, with Davros, but was blown up by Captain Jack. A 12 inch radio-controlled figure was originally released, but Tesco have their unique version. Although 18 inch Voice Interactive Daleks have been released, this is not, but exactly the same as the 12 inch, just a bit bigger! You will only be able to find these at Tesco, and at the moment, they are quite rare, so you won't be able to find them at every Tesco store you might run into. But if you are lucky enough, you will have to pay the price of £49.99, so you can keep it. The nice till workers may ask, 'Are you a fan of Doctor Who, then?', or some younger ones might just look awkwardly at you! If they're nice enough you might be able to use a credit card, and get points put onto your club card (which will be 49 points!). Don't forget your re-usuable bag to save the environment, to cut down on global warming! And as for the picture in this post!!! I just hate those kind of pictures. "Oh yay, I've got an orange spot underneath me, and I can't stop smiling because I'm having so much fun with this toy! I'm the first child to use one! Yippee..." and so on. But enough of my ramble to fill the space. Will you get the exclusive 18 inch blood-red, ruthless killer?
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Brad said...

This 18inch Red Supreme is so cool. It's good value. I may buy this.
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Anonymous said...

I was bored late the other evening so went to my local Tesco to pick up some form of chocolate based confectionery where upon I saw this in the toy section and almost soiled myself with excitement! I have 6 of the other 12" versions and am patiently waiting for my Davros to arrive but I had no idea this one was being released in this size so despite being threatened with redundancy proceeded to buy it along with ALL the necessary batteries (which needless to say could power a small car) I proudly wheeled it round the isles in a trolley like a mum with her firstborn child wanting people to acknowledge my new Dalek.I got it home, powered it up and it goes like a dream, much more power under there than the 12" versions so bombs along the livingroom carpet without any trouble. It really is worth the money and it looks the nuts when on display. I've now had to order the 18" voice activated one to keep it company. Tesco your staff may be dull and halfwitted but your release of this toy makes up for it.

adv said...

Thanks for the story!