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Friday, 3 October 2008

Top Trumps On The Wii

After the Doctor Who Top Trumps game becoming electronic, being able to now play it on the Playstation, PC and other consoles, the game will be coming out in December on the Wii! The Wii is one of the most popular (and expensive) game consoles you can get, and is also arguably th most fun. This is a great move to make, but unfortunately, the game will be more expensive than on the other consoles. The box has a different cover to the others, and now features the Doctor in the Tardis, the cover of the latest Top Trumps set, released by Winning Moves. You can see the cover above. The age rating is 3+, so sorry all of you under three year olds, that can actually read this site, but you can't play it. Too much violence! The game is due for release on 5th December 2008, at the RRP price of £29.99! What do you think of this news?
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Brad said...

Cool post. I'm asking for a Wii of my family for my Birthday or Christmas and this, along with Super Mario Galaxy is also on my list!
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Anonymous said...

Expensive? Hardly. Who writes these things?

adv said...

It's just a bit more expensive than the others. And I wrote it!