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Friday, 3 October 2008

The 500th Post

After nearly six months, over 20,000 page hits since May 2008, 165 days, 12 banners, 3960 hours, 2 designs, 237600 minutes, 10 logos, 142560000 seconds and a enormous amount of effort and hard work since the site first opened, the adventures through time and space has reached the 500 post mark! If you count back all those seconds, months later you'll have worked out that the site first opened on 22nd April 2008 (Or you could just have looked in the sidebar!). Just the other day, the page hit counter went over the 20,000 visitors barrier, so thank you to everyone who visits! Also very lately, we've now got a place of Google, so now, if you type in adventures through time and space, we're now the first result to come up! When we first started, it wasn't there at all. About a month ago it was the 3rd result, and now 1st! I'm going to give you a few things about the site from our 'about' page, which I'll hope you'll find interesting. Back at the start, the site didn't have many visitors, mainly because nobody really knew about it. I was new to this stuff, so I didn't want to ask for a link on another site or anything. I didn't publicise at all! In the last couple of months, the number of visitors has soared tremendously! Now gaining an average of 130 unique visitors a day, rather than the like 2 when I started (my friend and I), and about 6 in May. It keeps going up as well!

From This...
  • When I first started, and throughout the duration of this layout, I didn't write posts myself. That wasn't to say that I was lazy, I just wanted the site to be like that. Not written in all my own words, but just to give you as much information as I could. It was sort of a reference site if you like. Nothing too special I suppose. 
  • At the start of July 2008, I had just come back from my holiday, and I just couldn't face surviving with what I had then. I thought, nah, it'll be ok, I'll just keep going. I tried to change the design to another basic template, but they all looked awful, so I searched for different templates on Google. And... I saw this one. It looked a bit different from what it looks like now, because I changed it slightly. I fell in love with the design when I saw it, and decided I must have it. So I thought over how I was going to do it. My computer was broken the day I changed it, so I used a Windows, which was rally great because I could download the template and then upload it to the site. Unfortunately when I did upload it, all my widgets were deleted. At least this gave me the chance of a fresh start! Since the new layout was put on, all titles in the sidebar have been in the lower case, including the title.
  • At the start of August, my posts began to be written in my own words. I knew it would be a lot of work, but, to be a good site, it had to! At first, there were no pages, but then in August, I started on Doctor Who episode guides, then Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It just went from there. There are so many things you can find links to under the banner, from character files and magazines to site looks, about, competitions, guestbook, a page devoted to links, loads of information and pages off other pages. So I hope you all get the chance to look at them! I think having the links under the banner looks really good, compared with them in the normal sidebar. It makes it easier to see.
  • Since then, atts has received numerous lovely comments from loads of people, and fantastic reviews! It's getting bigger and better! To read my thank you bit click here, or to visit the main 'about' page, click here!
...To This!
Thank You!
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Mark said...

Fantastic, congratulations on your 500th post :) You put so much work into this site and it's really appreciated. There's so many pages and so many updates, It's definitely one of my favourite sites. I visit more than once a day ;) Keep up the good work :D

adv said...

Thanks for your comment Mark!

Anonymous said...

wheres the cbox gone?

adv said...

It's still there!

Brad said...

Congratulations on post 500! I think this site is great. Keep up the great work.

TOCS said...

Congrats! This is such a great site, I love visiting it everyday. :)