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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Plush Adipose - Release Date and Price

The picture above was made by me

The release date and the price for the upcoming Plush Adipose has now been revealed. There is also a new picture of it, as you can see above, which is slightly different to the one we have seen before. It looks less cute, thinner and does not have the pointed tooth anymore. This is a slight disappointment. Smaller plastic Adipose were released earlier this year, as part of the first Wave of Series 4 figures. A few of them came in a pack with the Doctor. You can view the press release below;
The fat chomping Adipose appeared in Partners in Crime, the first episode of Doctor Who series four and now they're here as this uber cute plush from Character Options! They're seeding Earth, as weight-loss pills, and The Doctor needs you to take one of the little devils off his hands!
The Adipose is a manufactured product from Character Options, and will be released on 22nd October 2008, at the RRP price of £9.99. You can buy it for cheaper, at £8.99 here! Will you be buying the Adipose later this month?
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Brad said...

Cool post. The Adipose plush is so cute. A must buy for me.
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Anonymous said...