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Monday, 13 October 2008

The Next Torchwood Villain?

Recent rumours have been flying around about the new monster or villain for Torchwood. This should be for next year's series, entitled Children of Earth, and we think that there might be more than one evil being. We're beginning to have suspicions of a character played by Liz May Brice. In recent photos, mostly taken on the set of the explosion of the Torchwood Hub, she is dressed in a militaristic-looking uniform. In the pictures, she is standing over the exploded material, and is thought to be 'hunting down Torchwood'. She looks like she wants to get rid of them, but unfortunately for the team, they've got much worse things on their mind. At first, people thought that she was a new member of the Torchwood team, as she was dressed very similar, and looked important, but now it seems that she has ordered the hub destruction! According to the Sun, she is a 'shady government agent' and is named as 'Johnson'.
In other news, the interview with Russell T. Davies answering your questions was broadcast yesterday live on the BBC News Channel, and if you want to watch it again in full, or because you forgot to watch it, see it here!
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