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Monday, 13 October 2008

My Visit To The Literature Festival

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to go to the Cheltenham Literary Festival to go to see and meet Russell T. Davies and John Barrowman, so I'm going to put lots of nice pictures taken by me and some information about what I have heard (only parts I can remember, bear in mind) in this post. Below I'm going to bullet point this interesting information, and below that are the pictures I took, so I hope you enjoy the various different points and pics!
  • CIN Competition - When talking about the Children In Need competition, Russell T. Davies mentioned with John Barrowman that it was going to be 'a good laugh' showing everyone about. He said, pointing left and right, 'Here we have a Cyberman, and here we have the Tardis' etc.
  • Doctor Who Theme Park - 'I'd love it, it would be great!' They happened to mention plans for a Doctor Who Theme Park. This is not necessarily that there WILL be one, but they were saying that they'd really like one. I mean, why not? They talked about spinning Tardis rollercoasters and such.
  • RTD On Tovey - Russell said that it was late at night on one day, when he was emailing Benjamin Cook for The Writer's Tale, and he just randomly put the fact in, saying that he would like Russell Tovey as the next Doctor. He did not at all expect that when a few extracts were let out, that it was going to make massive headlines! Apparently, it's only because he fancies him! Tovey was very suprised by the whole thing, probably a bit embarassed as well!
  • Favourite Episode - Russell didn't like to say what his favourite episode was, except that he was suprised by the way Gridlock came out. He was 'amazed that it was ever broadcast on TV'! John's favourite episode is Rose, as the Autons were in it, which sacred him a lot when he was a child!
  • Which Show? - One cheeky soul asked John which show he liked more; Doctor Who or Torchwood. He said Torchwood, as it is 'his show', even though Doctor Who still has a very soft spot in his heart, and he used to watch loads of them when he was younger. Apparently, when he got the part as Captain Jack, he ran and jumped off a wall, when a nearby I think neighbor asked him why he was so happy. John replied at the top of his voice 'I've got a part in DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!' The lady then toddled off saying 'yes dear...'
  • Favourite Doctor? - John was asked this one. His Classic Series favourites are Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, as those were the ones he grew up with, and from the new Series, David Tennant, who is probably also his all-time favourite, but he wanted Classic Series favourites as well. He also fancies David. What is it with these men?
  • The Unnamed Monsters - In Torchwood Series 2, can you remember the unnamed monsters that attacked Jack's home planet. Russell had originally thought up of a name, but didn't sound right, so just kept them unnamed, so was mysterious. He mentioned that a good monster name is the Four Five Six, and could be the name for the new monsters in Torchwood.
  • Kites, Hula Hoops and Skipping Ropes - Apparently, backstage of Torchwood when the cast are not filming, they have fun playing with Kites, Hula Hoops and Skipping Ropes! What a great atmosphere!
  • Is Russell's Time At An End? - He would like the specials to be the last time he writes for Doctor Who, but he doesn't know what the future holds. Anything could happen!
  • So Why Isn't David Tennant Ever On Torchwood? - A very simple question to answer! If David Tennant was ever on Torchwood, that would mean that children would make their parents stay up to watch. This has two negative points. One, because the show is past watershed (9pm) and so children are supposed to be in bed, and Two, because there is too much violence and swearing. Point taken?
  • Russell Hasn't A Clue About The Next Doctor! - It's all up to Steven Moffat for the future now, it's all in his hands. Russell does not know at all who will play the next Doctor, and doesn't want to. He says this is the first time in ages that he will sit down a watch Doctor Who, when it's new, and on the first time, an so he is really excited!
  • Here Come The Girls - Why female companions? If you think about it, on television, is is mainly the male actors dominating a show, so Doctor Who wants to take that, and turn it into a show where it's all equal and family-warming, so having mostly female companions balances the deal.
  • Merchandising - Believe it or not, in fact RTD does actually have a lot of influence in merchandising, so he has to check whether a figure is too tall or short, and if their hair is right!
  • A Royal Cameo - A small point that has hit the press just after Sunday is that Prince Charles turned down the offer of making a cameo apperance in Doctor Who. RTD said that he was a 'miserable swine', and he 'turned us down'!
  • The Last Special... - Well, it may be a long time away, but Russell has got all the specials planned out inside his head. He knows what's going to happen at the ned of the last special next year, and was asked if he knew the last line. He didn't, but he said he knew the second to last!

We've arrived!

Hello John!

A Crowd of People, when it was half full!

Ready to start

Just to point out that the person is nothing to do with me!

Having a good old laugh!

And there's me with RTD

My signed books, obviously RTD on the left, and then JB on the right

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this post. If anyone went, did they see me?
Please Comment! Thanks!


TOCS said...

Looks like RTD was a bit sweaty...
Lol, it must have been great. The festival I mean, not RTD's hygiene problems.