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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

SFX Celebrate 45 Years!

SFX are celebrating the forty five years of time travel in style next month. Their next issue, issue 176, will be made avaliable with ten different cover designs. If you haven't already worked it out, each cover will feature a picture of the Doctor in one of his many incarnations. The issue features a special part, dedicated to the history of the show. 'On 23 November 1963, the world met the Doctor for the first time, when An Unearthly Child hit British television screens. Now 45 years and nine more incarnations of the Time Lord later, SFX is set to celebrate the anniversary of Doctor Who's launch in truly cosmic style.'
You might just have to choose your favourite Doctor for your issue, but if you're a large collector, you just might get all of them! That's if you're able to find them all, because you might have to go on a great hunt! The issue will also reveal the first details about this year's Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, thanks to Russell T. Davies talking exclusively to the magazine;
Russell T Davies gives us the first, exclusive word on this year’s hotly anticipated Christmas special (teasingly titled "The Next Doctor"). It sees a rematch between our time-travelling hero and emotionless enemies the Cybermen. "We needed a familiar enemy," shares Davies, who then tells us: "All our Christmas specials have been very different. It’s time to do a smaller, more intimate story – though having said that, the ending is ferociously huge..."
This is part of the interview with him, and also talks about a few things to do with the specials. Also, is massive rundown of Doctor Who’s 45 greatest, most iconic monsters, as decided by the SFX experts. Who will win – the Ice Warriors? The Ood? Or will the Daleks exterminate all opposition to claim their place as the supreme beings in the universe? There may be a surprise in store...
The magazine will be avaliable from Wednesday 22 October, but which cover will you get? Suscribers to the magazine, though, will receive a David Tennant one. You can see all covers with this link, on their website, and see all of them just above.
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