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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Two New Audiobooks Are Released...

Tomorrow, two CDs will be released from BBC Audio. They are the Forever Trap and the New Adventures set. You can read about them below;

The Forever Trap
The this exclusive new audiobook features the Doctor and Donna, and will be read by Catherine Tate, who plays Donna Noble in the new series. You can view the cover of it to the left. This is being released after the first, which was Pest Control, which was out earlier this year. The story is written by Dan Abnett. The CD will be sold at the RRP price of £9.99! Will you by this exclusive audio adventure?

New Adventures
This set contains three stories from the new series novels, previously released as books and separate audiobooks. You can see the cover of it to the left. The stories it contains are Martha in the Mirror (Justin Richards), Snowglobe 7 (Mike Tucker) and The Many Hands (Dale Smith), and all the stories star the tenth Doctor and Martha. All three are read by familiar people to Doctor Who. Freema Agyeman, who plays Martha Jones, is reading Martha in the Mirror. Georgia Moffett, who plays Jenny, the Doctor's Daughter, reads Snowglobe 7, and David Troughton, aka Professor Hobbes in Midnight, is reading The Many Hands. It will be sold at the RRP price of £25.00, and will contain over seven hours of listening! Will you be buying the new audiobook set?
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