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Thursday, 9 October 2008

John Barrowman - New Music Video

Below is the new music video of a song from John Barrowman's new album 'Music, Music,  Music'. The song is called 'What About Us?' and is the first song on the album. This song will be released as a single on 17th November and you can also download it, but the full album will be released on Monday 24th November. You can see the cover for the album to the left. What do you think of the new song, and will you buy the album?

Please Comment! Thanks!


TOCS said...

I really love his new song, even though it's a tad cheesy!


Anonymous said...

I love it to! BUT I have a quick Question, does anyone know if the album "Music Music Music" has the "What About Us" music vedio, included in it? If not, how do i get that?

thanks. this probably seems like a silly question but i'm having difficulty finding this album let alone weather or not the music video for WAU? is included....HELP PLEASE!

(email: loanwolf99@aol.com)