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Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Writer's Tale - Website Features

The new website for Russell T. Davies' new book has lots of information about the book and great features! It is all very colourful and sparkling new, so take a look at it! The new book was released a couple of weeks ago, and contains an in-depth look at the new series of Doctor Who. It has such features like script pages, personal notes, never-before-seen photos and artwork with behind-the-scenes information. This book is a tribute to Russell's leaving from the show. Helping him to write it, and interviews with him, is Benjamin Cook, quite well known in the Doctor Who world for reviews, previews and general Who writing, with many sources, including Doctor Who Magazine and the Radio Times. You can visit the official website here
So, what is there on the site you ask? 
  • About - Well, it gives you information about the book, Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook. 
  • News and Reviews - There is a part with news about the book, which includes signing dates, places and times, plus reviews of the book. Here is an extract from one of the reviews; "What a wizard enterprise this is, 500 pages of emails and text messages between Russell T Davies, resuscitator, executive producer and head writer of Doctor Who, and his confidant Benjamin Cook. A few details have been deleted, such as the name of the actor scheduled to play the Doctor's companion had not Catherine Tate extended her guest role into 13 episodes, but otherwise, it's unabridged and, moreover, footnoted." There is an updated version of the signing dates and times in a newer post.
  • Scripts - There is a fantastic bit that gives you access to six different scripts from the fourth series of Doctor Who! These scripts include the episodes Voyage of the Damned, Partners In Crime, Midnight, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. These can be downloaded as PDFs and contain the whole scripts from these episodes.
  • Buy - There is a part where you can buy it, with various different links to online stores including Amazon and Play.com. Waterstones seem to have a slightly different version, as there is a special hard cover, showing the original artwork and then the normal book inside, without the artwork on it.
  • Extract - This feature gives you access to 56 pages from inside the book. With a clever application, you can view these pages easily, but unfortunately not close up enough to read the text.
You can view a screen shot of the website below;
What do you think of the website and it's features?
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