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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

What Will We Learn From The Box-Set Commentaries?

On the fabulous website, Den of Geek, they have posted an article showing some of the facts that we can learn about from the commentaries on the new Series 4 Box-Set, that is due out in November. So here it is!

  • The phrase "cache of info-stamps" is said.
  • There's a character called Aubrey Fairchild who meets a "terrible death".
  • The Hub set, from spin-off series Torchwood, has been 'trashed' and used for filming in the special.
  • David Tennant refers to Steven Moffat as his "new boss", and their discussion indicates that they are already working together.
  • The written (but not filmed) 'Shadow Proclamation' scene in The Stolen Earth, featuring monsters from throughout the series, has been requested by David to appear in one of the specials.
  • The production team couldn't find an actor short enough for Kaagh in The Last Sontaran so they had to make a new costume - thereby upping the cost of the episode.
  • The actor who played the milkman from Journey's End is to appear in an upcoming episode.
  • Catherine Tate wants a part (but not as Donna Noble), as her daughter loves the show.
  • David Tennant wants to be the voice of 'Mr. Smith'.
  • David Tennant was to appear in the opening episode (in a sub-plot which would explain why K9 was not to appear in the show) but, at the time of recording the commentary, this idea was binned. Julie Gardener states "it could still happen".
  • When asked if River Song is The Doctor's wife, Steven Moffat says "it's more complicated than that"
  • RTD reveals that Harriet Jones died in The Stolen Earth despite Phil Collinson's protestations that she lived.
There is also this picture;
That shows the deleted scene of when the 'real' Doctor leaves the other Doctor and Rose a piece of the Tardis, so they can grow their own in the parallel world, but was scrapped when the producers said it didn't fit the episode, and that it was a bit over the top.
What do you think? You can read the article on Den of Geek here!
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