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Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Betrothal of Sontar

The Betrothal of Sontar has recently been released by Panini Books. It is a paper-back book with 180 pages, full of comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and the Doctor Who Storybooks. The stories feature the tenth Doctor and his companion Rose, as they battle other worldly creatures in a full colour, fun book, which would keep you entertained for ages! The stories included are The Betrothal of Sontar, The Lodger, F.A.Q., The Futurists, Interstellar Overdrive, Opera of Doom, The Green-Eyed Monster, The Warkeeper's Crown. You can view the full cover here and read the press release below;
The first collection of comics collecting the 10th Doctor's complete strip adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and the Doctor Who Storybook. The famous Time Lord and his companion Rose Tyler battle Sontarans, meet mythical monsters and face a terrifying encounter with the new ""Lords of Time""! Original colour strips digitally re-mastered and collected for the first time ever. This collection features work from Gareth Roberts, Tony Lee, Mike Collins, Nick Abadzis, John Tomlinson, David A Roache and others.
The book is out now at the RRP price of £15.99 around the UK.
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This looks good.

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