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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Doctor Who Magazine 402

Below you can see the information for the 402nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine. The main feature inside this issue will be taking a look at the return of the Brigadier in The Sarah Jane Adventures. The four hundred and second issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now, and is avaliable in all good news agents at the price of £3.99, now! You can see the full cover for it here!
The Brig is back! Actor Nicholas Courtney, who first appeared in Doctor Who in 1968, is returning as Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in The Sarah Jane Adventures. DWM caught up with Nick and asked him about his latest call to action.

So, how does Lethbridge-Stewart pop up in Sarah Jane's world again? "Well, Sarah Jane needs some help, yes. She comes to see me and when she tells me where she wants to go, my face falls. But we manage!" Nick laughs heartily. "We have a lovely moment. According to the producer, it works very well when Sarah comes into the room, and we're meeting again. Lis has a line, `I'm going to see an old friend about this,` and the next shot is her coming into my house..."

Also in DWM 402...

Major Revelations! Phil Collinson, the man who oversaw the return of Doctor Who as its producer from 2004-2008, talks frankly to DWM in his first major interview since leaving the series.

Commander Kaagh! Kaagh the Sontaran, aka actor Anthony O'Donnell and Mrs Wormwood, aka Samantha Bond, talk exclusively to DWM about the finale of The Sarah Jane Adventures Series Two!

Chief Caretaker! Killer robots, girl gangs, murderous caretakers and cannibalistic old ladies it's all in a day's work for the Time Team! Join them as they "build high for happiness² while watching the 1987 adventure, Paradise Towers.

Corporal Punishment! It's a jailhouse shock as all hell breaks loose in the space gulag! DWM's latest comic strip, Thinktwice, reaches its surprising conclusion...

Private Thoughts! Doctor Who's Commander-in-Chief, Russell T Davies, confides in DWM readers about Red Bull, Primeval fans and competing against Julie Walters in Production Notes.

General Musings! Neil Harris suggests the real reason behind the popularity of Lethbridge-Stewart in You are Not Alone.

Brigadier Bambera! The Fact of Fiction examines 1989's Battlefield and finds out just what happened when Lethbridge-Stewart met his successor, Brigadier Winifred Bambera.

Plus! All the very latest news, reviews, previews and competitions and a FREE 16-page bonus magazine!
The magazine also comes free with a bonus 'Behind the Scenes' magazine, taking a look at filming locations around Wales. Make sure you get this issue before the 11th December, when the 403rd issue shall be released.
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Zobles said...

This issue is brill.