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Thursday, 13 November 2008

New SJA Books

Thanks to Nabu for the above image.
Following the success of the first range of Sarah Jane books, the second part has now been released. They are all adaptations on the stories from the original television series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and feature brightly coloured and dramatic covers. Last year, four books were released as well, and they were 'Invasion of the Bane', 'Revenge of the Slitheen', 'Eye of the Gorgon' and 'The Warriors of Kudlak'. This time the books are finishing last series off, with a couple of books from the second series, broadcasting now. They are 'Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?', 'The Lost Boy', 'The Last Sontaran' and 'The Day of the Clown.' They are all avaliable now at all good bookstores at the RRP price of £4.99!
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Anonymous said...

I'm getting these as I have the first lot!

The Medusa Cascade

Zobles said...

I have these books there so shiny and cool!