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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Couple of Interviews

Two sources have posted interviews with John Barrowman and one with Elizabeth Sladen. They play the characters of Captain Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Elizabeth Sladen's one has been put up on Last Broadcast, and they talk about many things related to her show, The Sarah Jane Adventures. Some highlights include her thoughts on her new action figure for Series 2, and what she thinks will happen with the young stars who act alongside her in the show. Below you can read a short snippet;
Would you like to do a Christmas special one year?
Oh wow, that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? I’d never thought about that. With a Christmas tree up in the attic! We filmed a party scene actually, in the first episode of the new series I think, but it wasn’t used. There were balloons everywhere afterwards so I was thinking they’d have to keep the scene or there’d just be mysterious balloons in the background in the attic! But it wasn’t driving the story forward unfortunately.
The other interview is with John Barrowman, star of Torchwood, and is from FemaleFirst. He talks about his new album Music, Music, Music (out Monday), and also about the new series of Torchwood, that is due to air in Spring in five consecutive parts. Below you can see a snippet;
How surprised were you that Torchwood has done so well as a stand alone series?
Overwhelmed I can’t believe it! We knew that we were doing a production that we had to, when we did it first on BBC3, we knew that we had to be loyal to the original brand of Doctor Who and when we got out ratings and we got the best ratings in the history, and we till hold that title on digital television, and they moved us to two and we got good ratings there, even in our repeats we beat some programmes on other channels, so the success I’m overwhelmed and I think that’s why I continue to do my variety of things because it’s my way of saying thank you to everybody. I figure that if I work harder and try to do other things that please people then they will see that I really appreciate what they have done for me.
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Zobles said...

Cool interviews.