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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Scenes of a Journey Past

The Series 4 Box Set which was out on Monday contains a few deleted scenes, at various times throughout the series. There were two scenes that were deleted in Journey's End, and now with the new DVD, we can see them! So, below you can watch these. The first is from the Bad Wolf Bay scene at the end of the episode with The two Doctors, Donna and Rose. This was reported earlier, and has the part where the proper Doctor hands a 'chunk of Tardis', so that Rose and the duplicate Doctor can grow their won in the parallel world. The secodn scene has also been reported earlier, and is a slightly alternate ending to the episode. What is different about it is that Donna hears the sound of the Tardis when she is on the phone and Cybermen come up behind the Doctor in the Tardis. Enjoy these clips below;

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Zobles said...

Cool deleted scenes, I think its good that they removed the grow your own Tardis bit, but I would have like Donna to recognise the TARDIS.