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Friday, 21 November 2008

Dalek Projections - Pictures and Video

I have been very kindly sent pictures and a video of the Dalek Projections that were seen in London and Cardiff recently, mentioned in a post not long ago. Credit goes to the Ministry of Experince, who organised the projections and to 2|Entertain. The pictures show the Supreme Dalek on many buildings around Cardiff and London, and the whole idea of the event was to publicise the release of the Series 4 box set, which was out on Monday. There was writing on the projections saying that it's out now. The video also shows this, but you can see the image moving. So, below you can see the pictures first, and the video at the bottom. Please DO NOT use these pictures or the video without permission from it's owners i.e. Ministry of Experience or 2|Entertain. I will not be to blame if you do. But, enjoy!

Please Comment! Thanks!


Brad said...

Cool. Those projections of the Supreme Dalek look great.

Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great Post, I wish I had been there to see this.

Doctor Who Mad Online

Zobles said...

Wow that looks so cool! Im surprised they did that.