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Monday, 17 November 2008

Series 4 Soundtrack - Released

At long last, the time we have all been waiting for has come. The Series 4 Soundtrack has now been released around the UK and Ireland! This is the third soundtrack there has been in the new-series Doctor Who range, and contains music from the fourth series of Doctor Who. The manufacturers of the soundtrack are Silva Screen, last the two previous CDs. The CD features a wide variety of music from the show's latest series, including Song of Freedom, heard when the Tardis towed the Earth back home, after the Dalek defeat, and scores from Voyage of the Damned, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Silence in the Library, Midnight and Turn Left. Above you can see the cover. It is now on sale at the RRP price of £9.99. To see the track listing, click here. To view information on how to download it from the Silva Screen website, click here, or to listen to the music on Youtube, click here!
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