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Monday, 17 November 2008

Series 4 Box Set - Released

The Series 4 Box Set DVD has been released today. It contains all the episodes of the fourth series, including Voyage of the Damned and Time Crash, but not Music of the Spheres, that was shown at the Doctor Who Prom in July. The DVD is also loaded with special features, but not as many as last year or the year before. Apparently the cover for it is not so boring as it seems. It will catch your eye with the vortex and has a bumpy Davros picture on the back. This is just the sleeve and then inside there will be another two sides of the Doctor and his companions. Two parts inside that open to give you the sections where the DVDs are contained. It is on sale now at the RRP price of £69.99, but should have a lower price in most shops.
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