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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Site: Page Updates & The Classic Challenge

Over the next few months, during November, December and January, there will be updates to all the pages on the site. For the pages, there will be no 'major changes' as such. Like character files, and spacestation files, in which they will have all the needed files posted on them. This was due to happen nearer Christmas-time, and so this is it. When new postings are made on the pages, they will still be able to access, but every page won't be for a short while. On by one, I will be just updating, tidying things up, and making them just right, which I have been wanting to do, as there are just a few things here and there I need to do. Only one page will be closed at a time, and should be for only a week or less. Don't think that this is a massive update though, because it's not. All it does is just help me out, because at the moment I can just see a few loose ends. At the moment, the doctor who episode guide page is closed, but should be open again on next Saturday evening, or earlier. For those with site reviews that need doing, have no fear. They will be completed within the next week, I hope. One big thing I will be working on though, is the classic series page. I am making guides for every story of the classic series. This is quite a big challenge, because there are loads of stories, and will take a long time to do. Two have already been completed, and you can visit the page here! I hope this information is useful for reference.
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Zobles said...

Cool post, good to hear ur site is getting even better!

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