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Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Series 2 Guide

Today, the Doctor Who BBC Site is being updated for Series 3. Late last month, the third series was put on the site, after the fourth series, which had started in April. From April we have had many videos, pictures, concept designs and fact files, uploaded onto the site after each episode of Series 4. They promised earlier this year, that all series will be put on, and now we have another update. Everything has been on the old site, which has been avaliable on the old site since the new one opened.  There are lots new features, as well as the old stuff in the same format. "In addition to the existing content, with all the video now in high quality Flash format, we have added brand new Fact Files, Screensavers and artwork from the Graphics team." The At this time, the guides are unavaliable, because they haven't finished them yet, but you should be able to see it later today. To visit the site, click here. The homepage now shows a great picture with monsters and backgrounds from the series, including the Doctor and Rose.
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Zobles said...

Cool post, good to see the official site expanding!

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