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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Battles In Time 59 & 60

The covers and information for Issues 59 and 60 of Battles In Time have been released on their website. Remember, the collection goes up to issue 70, and not 60 or 52, as it was confirmed recently, and then it will definitely stop, when the DVD Files go on sale. Issue 59 is out on Wednesday 10th December and 58 out on Wednesday 24th December. You can see the covers and information about these new issues below:

- Titanic: Fight for Survival
- Gameplay: Man vs Monster
- Card Clash: Suit Creature vs Jenny
- FAQ Subject: Regeneration
- Comic Strip: The Living Ghosts
- Dalek Wars: Valiant's End

- Companions: Children of Time
- Gameplay: The Last Battle
- Card Clash: Fifth Doctor (Time Crashed) vs Pyrovile Soldier
- FAQ Subject: The Tardis
- Comic Strip: The Final End
- Behind the Scenes: Location Location

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