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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Day With David's Stunt Double

The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar has its third door open today, marking the date, the 3rd December. Today's feature is a video with the stunt double of David Tennant, Collum Sanson-Regan. He has had many parts in Doctor Who, usually scenes which are too dangerous for David, and when the producers/directors don't let him do it, and we normally just see the back of his head, or it would rather give the whole game away! He recently been Journey's End, as one of the two Doctors, but it all gets very confusing, because they can only view Collum from the side or back, and when we want David Tennant's face, they have to swap over suits, and it goes on in much more detail, so I'll stop now. The video has been uploaded onto Youtube, so we can all watch, right here;

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