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Sunday, 7 December 2008

The Darksmith Legacy - Book 4

The cover and information about the fourth book in The Darksmith Legacy series has been revealed. It is called The Depths of Despair, and will be released on the 26th of March next year. Remember, the first two books will be released together in January, and the third in February. You can see the cover to the right, and below you can read the synopsis for the volume;
The Doctor arrives in an underwater base on the planet Flydon Maxima - known locally as 'Despair' because hope is lost for all life there. The scientific base has for centuries been monitoring the results of planetary warming - the slow melting of the glaciers at the south pole and subsequent rise in sea levels. Curiously their most advanced monitoring equipment was created and donated by Varlos. The Doctor is helped by a little girl called Gisella.
Why did Varlos risk coming here? What has caused the ice to crumble so rapidly now? Can the Doctor evade the rampaging Dreadbringers, and sort out the attacking sea monsters? Who is Gisella and will she and the Doctor manage to escape in the TARDIS? Don't miss this thrilling fourth instalment of the Darksmith Legacy...

The Darksmith Legacy is a new range of exciting books out next year, which follow the Doctor through the same story throughout the set. You can view the official site for them here!


TOCS said...

Ooh, the cover looks sinister.