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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Our Advent Calendar

We were just wondering here at atts if anyone actually regularly views the merry christmas page. We've had a few competitions now, and there haven't been many people entering and stuff. Because if not many people go onto the page, there isn't much point in carrying on, even though there are some bigger features nearer Christmas. There will be quite a few more things you can take part in, and we really would like you to co-operate, otherwise the place just looks deserted. We really need your views and opinions, so please make a comment in this post if you have something to say. I will not put the seventh day up until I am satisfied that the page isn't just up there for no reason. Thank You!


thedoctorwho07 said...

Why aren't you adding the 7th advent just because you think some people don't go on it?!
What about the people, like me, who do go on it regularly?

adv said...

Look, the point is that how am I meant to add competitions if hardly anyone enter or co-operates in different things. I'm not saying some people don't, but some things just seem like a waste of my time.

Lee said...

I love ure advent calendar each day! The only con is the music player booming everytime i visit the page. Remove it and it wud be fine!

TOCS said...

I say keep it going. I'll take a look every day from now on. Nice banner by the way.


Patar said...

yeah, i go on it everyday :) i just dnt hav time 4 competitions cos im still busy working on other parts of my advent calendar :P

Redevil 987 said...

You shouldn't close down the christmas advent, i think it is brilliantly awesome! I visit here almost every day to see what new suprise is on the advent and i know others do too.

Alexander said...

Dont close it down! I LOVE It! it is so cool!

adv said...

Didn't you read the latest post?