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Friday, 12 December 2008

Easter Special Title at Christmas

It has now been confirmed, thanks to Doctor Who Magazine, that the title of the first special next year, due to be shown around Easter time, will be revealed at the end of The Next Doctor, on Christmas day. They have done this usually after a series, telling us the Christmas special title, but that did not happen this year, as it was a very big secret. Once again, it shall be shown right at tyhe end of the main programme, just before the credits, saying that Doctor Who will return in... We now also know that the title will be four words long, and one of those words will begin with the letter 'D'. But don't think that stands for Dalek, as Russell T. Davies has told us that there will be new monsters appearing in the episode. Remember, The Next Doctor will air on Christmas Day at the time of 6pm. Don't miss it (like you would)!