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Friday, 12 December 2008

Midnight Sounds Good

The Doctor Who episode 'Midnight', reported earlier, had been nominated for an award for Best Sound from a drama at this year's RTS (Royal Television Society) Craft and Design Awards. It was, this year, the only category Doctor Who had been nominated in, rather than more than one in previous years. But the very good news now is that it won the award! It is true that the music heard in Midnight was amazing, and terribly spooky. If you want to hear the music, it is included on this year's soundtrack, filled with twenty-seven tracks of the Doctor's latest adventures. But I think it was mostly the small sounds heard, made by the Sounds Department of the Who studios. Julie Gardner was talking to Doctor Who Magazine about the win;

"We're all so proud that the magnificent work of the Sound Department has been recognised at last. This episode pushed them right to the limit, using techniques that simply won't be called for on many other dramas, and it's wonderful to see their work being recognised by their peers. And I have to say, it's probably a unique event, for a drama recorded in basically one small room, to win an award for the quality of it's sound. That department does brilliant work on every single episode, and it's about time they were honoured! And out thanks and congratulations to the director of that episode. Alice Troughton, who worked so closely with the sound team, as well as the cast, who gave everything to make the story work."