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Monday, 15 December 2008

The Last Sarah Jane

Well, it has been a good twelve or so weeks on television, with the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures keeping us entertained every Monday. But, sadly, it ends today, or for you digital viewers, it already has, as you have most likely seen the second. part of Enemy of the Bane, the last episode of the series. But have no fear, Sarah Jane and her gang will return in under a year's time, next Autumn, and bring with them new, exciting, and thrilling adventures. And in the month we're in the middle of now, December, it's Christmas anyway, so there is no need to worry, plus the Doctor Who special on Christmas day. Then, straight after that is the Confidential special, plus the Doctor Who Prom on New Year's Day. And then in Spring we have Torchwood, and four new Doctor Who specials next year as well! So there is a mountain load to watch! And, if you want to see Series 4 again, why not buy the box-set, out now? Anyway, enjoy the final part of Enemy of the Bane today, that will be broadcast at 4:35pm on BBC One. There ma be repeats of Series 2 in the future, but we do not know of any right at this moment. Remember to come back at 5pm today and talk about what you thought! Until then...