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Monday, 15 December 2008

A New Trailer Tonight...

There have been rumours spreading very lately about a new trailer for the Christmas special, The Next Doctor, and that it will be broadcast for the first time on television today. Well, now it has been confirmed as true, but we have actually already seen the trailer! It was released a week ago yesterday, and you are able to view it on an earlier post. It is not a very different trailer, in fact, comparing it to the one that was released just after David Tennant announced that he was leaving, live on the Natinal Television Awards. Before this, it had been shown at the Comic Con event, held in America a long time before that. This is the official 'TV Trailer', and we now know that it will be airing on BBC One this evening, just before 8pm, as the advent calendar on the official BBC site is hinting it. So to catch it fully on television, either watch it at that time, or go back to the site and watch it at the same time.