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Friday, 10 October 2008

A Good Labour For David

Following the success of David Tennant's leading role in Hamlet this Summer, at the same time, he has been taking part in a different Shakespeare production. The play is Love's Labour's Lost (Not to be confused with Love's Labour's Won), and David Tennant plays one of four lords who live to regret taking a vow of sexual abstinence. Not a major role perhaps, but at least the play has become critical hit. Possibly one of the reasons David does not have a larger role in this could be because of the role of Hamlet. In this play, he keeps his original Scottish accent, in which he has hidden in Doctor Who and Hamlet. A quote from the article says;
"According to BBC arts correspondent Razia Iqbal, Tennant began rehearsals for Love's Labour's Lost 'almost immediately' after Hamlet opened in August. 'The RSC may have another hit on their hands, which is surprising given the play is Shakespeare's most forgettable early comedy,' she said." 
The RSC last had the play staged in 1993 and was made into a movie with director Kenneth Branagh in 2000, plus after that there was a performance of it in the Globe Theatre in LondonJust like Hamlet, the performances will last until the 15th of November this year, and Hamlet will then be moving across to London. Have you or will you be seeing the play?
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