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Friday, 10 October 2008

The Scene That Buzzed Away...

Not so long ago, I posted information from Den of Geek about the special features in the Series 4 DVD Box-Set. Now, we have an exclusive picture from one of the deleted scenes featured. The scene was originally cut from the seventh episode of Series 4, The Unicorn and the Wasp, when the Doctor and Donna go back and see Agatha Christie near the end of the episode as an old women, and judging by the picture, looks like she recognises them. It was sad that they did not keep it in, as it looks a great scene, but they took it out, as they didn't need it, but was just an extra that they could have taken out from the finished episode if they wanted. You can see this picture below, and also view the article from Den of Geek here! Also included is a deleted scene from The Doctor's Daughter, but does not show much of what it is.
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TOCS said...

Wow, fantastic post.
It's great seeing all the deleted scenes, they're really interesting.

Keep up the great work with the site; this afternoon I'm taking on board what you said in my review and altering my site :)


Brad said...

Cool post. I love deleted scenes, shame I won't be able to see this as I buy the volumes.
Whovian Galaxy