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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Battles In Time Extended... Again!

It has now been revealed that the long running magazine series, Battles in Time, has extended the number of issues to be produced again. Originally, they were going to make it just fifty two issues. Not too long ago, this was then increased to sixty, and now the final number will be seventy. This must be as there is still a lot of demand for them, and so, to make their money, GE Fabbri can make more. Their new magazine after Battles in Time are the DVD Files, and that should be around quite soon, after its test run at the moment. If it proves popular, it will be on-sale throughout Britain in the near future. This extension means that the magazine will run up to at least April 2009, but it is likely that they will stop after that time. You can read more on the DVD Files here!
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Zobles said...

Good to hear BIT is still going!