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Friday, 14 November 2008

The One, The Only And The Best...

Earlier tonight as part of the Children In Need, the first two minutes of this year's Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, was broadcast as a world-wide exclusive on the show. The Doctor arrived in Victorian England, on 24th December 1851, and visited a Christmassy market. He asked a boy the date, and then the year, to which the boy replied 'You thick or something?'. He heard a woman's voice calling for the Doctor, so he presumed it was him, so ran off towards the voice. He found a girl called Rosita, and she was confused as he said that he was the Doctor, when Rosita knew a different one. David Morrissey's Doctor runs on, claiming to be him as well. Morrissey's Doctor tells Rosita to go back to the Tardis, after asking for the sonic screwdriver. Tennant's Doctor also pulls out his sonic screwdriver and they are both menaced by a new terrifying Cybershade, in which the other Doctor says 'Oh, that's new!' Apart from David Morrissey's one was an actual screwdriver and they both shout Allons-Y, after which both Doctors give their other selves strange look. It was shown at around 9pm and just again recently just after 11:50pm. The preview is approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, and you can view it below;
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Zobles said...

This preview is great :D

Zobles said...

Great post, this preview is great,