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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tennant Coverage; Breakfast Video & Billie for Doctor?

On Monday, David Tennant featured on the BBC Breakfast show, after the suprise announcement of his departure, during the National Television Awards ceremony, last Wednesday. He talks about various different things, the main one being his leaving from the show, along with his role in the new drama, Einstein and Eddington, and who he thinks should replace the Doctor in 2010. One of the things that was mentioned, though, on the subject of the new Doctor, they suggested Billie Piper to play him next, and if it was a good idea, to which David replied 'Why Not?!' Of course, many sources like newpapers and websites, have picked up on the story, like they usually do, making it into another big event, but not as much so as on the NTA awards speech. He was then asked whether a female could play the Doctor, to which he relied with the same comment. Of course, many fans are thinking this a very bad idea, but David says that anyone could take the role, and develop it in the way they want to. Billie Piper has also played the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler, so unless there is some great explanation for it, or computer-generate a different head on top of Billie's, this is very unlikely to happen! You can see the full interview below, in a video;

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Cool post, this interview is cool.

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